About Ecosguide

Welcome to Ecosguide.com, your one-stop destination for eco-friendly cleaning products and green living advice.

We review non-toxic cleaners, natural cleaning recipes, reusable accessories, and sustainable living products. We also create guides on green cleaning methods, DIY cleaner recipe pages, and anything related to eco-conscious lifestyles.

As your source for non-toxic living, we help you choose planet-friendly cleaners and lower your household’s environmental impact.

Our Mission

Our planet is in peril. Commercial cleaning products brim with harsh chemicals that pollute indoor and outdoor spaces, while their plastic bottles pile up in landfills.

And the COVID-19 pandemic has made the stakes clearer than ever: Human behavior threatens to push Earth past the point of no return.

That’s why the eco-advocates behind Ecosguide sprang into action. We saw the damage being done and could no longer stand idly by. We created Ecosguide to help people switch to sustainable cleaning products and adopt eco-friendly habits.

On our site, you’ll find advice and support to green your cleaning routines. We review non-toxic, plastic-free cleaners to take the guesswork out of going green.

You’ll also discover simple DIY recipes to make effective cleaners from natural ingredients. Plus, tips to conserve energy, water, and resources while tidying up.

Our Story

Hey there! I’m Hanif, founder of Ecosguide.

I started this site because I was tired of all the toxic gunk in normal cleaners. You know – the fumes that make your head spin and all those plastic bottles cluttering up landfills. I thought, there has got to be a better way!

Where are all the non-toxic cleaners? That’s the question that started my journey. After having bad reactions to regular cleaning products, I searched high and low for eco-friendly alternatives that actually worked.

Well, let me tell you – they were nearly impossible to find!

I dug around endlessly online and scoured store shelves to no avail. The tiny “green” section had lackluster options wrapped in excessive plastic packaging.

I thought, why is it so hard to avoid toxins and waste when cleaning? There had to be plant-powered, plastic-free solutions out there somewhere!

My frustrating search for non-toxic products was a major wake-up call. I realized so many well-intentioned people try to make greener choices, only to hit obstacles and confusion.

Attempting sustainability can feel like an overwhelming chore when basic needs like cleaning are involved.

But it doesn’t have to be! With better access to information and eco-options, small steps can support our health and the planet’s.

I knew then that a platform was needed to guide others on this journey. Everyone deserves easy, practical ways to live and clean more consciously.

By sharing what I learned, I hoped to smooth the path for people to walk their environmental values through daily choices.

That spark of insight soon became the Ecosguide website you see today. I wanted to hold hands with folks during that first difficult stretch towards sustainable living.

By lifting barriers together, we can build momentum strong enough to change our planet become a better place to live.

Hanif Roslen
Founder of Ecosguide