About us

Ecosguide was created by ecofreaks who were concerned with how commercial cleaning products damage the interior and outdoor environments everyday, which causing pollution and waste due to the various of chemicals that contains in these products. 

Since the covid 19 outbreak, there has been a spike in environmental consciousness around the world in order to keep the earth from collapsing due to the effects of human behaviour.

Therefore, immediate action is required from all of us to prevent the environment from deteriorating further as a result of climate change and other factors.

Welcome! My name is Hanif Roslen, and I’m one of those that emphasize the need of using environmentally friendly cleaning products in our everyday routines. Cleaning products were necessary in our daily lives, whether for personal care or for our homes.

Hence, it is vital to begin replacing the typical cleaning product sold in the market with a more eco-friendly cleaning products that contains an organic ingredient and produces less waste due to the recyclable materials packaging.

I understand that purchasing an eco-friendly product is not a simple task, given the scarcity of eco-friendly products on the market and the high price in comparison to the market average price.

However, at Ecosguide, I have been scouring the market, analysing labels and conducting research to assist you to make better choice to select the best cleaning products that you should have.

The first step I took was to provide as much information as possible to assist you in replacing the typical cleaning products that you have in your home into the eco-friendly cleaning products that you can purchase from the trusted vendors.

I don’t qualify myself as an expert that can give you factual information but I share the same problem that you have to deals with these products that contains of thousand chemical and we as consumer needs some change to start use more organic products.

I hope to succeed in this mission. I will give it my best shot because I know there are a lot of good quality eco-friendly product out there that haven’t been discovered because of the dumping of typical market products.

Hanif Roslen
Founder of Ecosguide