Making a Green Choice: The Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Tablets + Alternatives

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If you’re looking for a way to make an eco-friendly choice for your home, one great place to start is with the products you use in and around the bathroom.

Toilet bowl tablets are incredibly useful in making sure your toilet is clean and germ-free, but many of them contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging both to the environment and our health.

That’s why choosing green toilet bowl tablets is an important step towards creating a more sustainable bathroom.

After rigorous evaluation and exploration, I’ve compiled a list of the leading eco-friendly toilet bowl tablets that will transform your cleaning routine in 2023.

As an enthusiastic advocate for sustainable living and green cleaning habits, I’m sharing these reviews to assist you in making an informed decision when choosing natural and eco-friendly toilet bowl tablets.

The best eco-friendly toilet bowl tablets featured in this list have been assessed based on customer satisfaction, effectiveness, and environmental impact.

I’ve meticulously examined each product to ensure the findings are trustworthy.

My research led me to conclude that the Blueland Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Set is the top overall eco-friendly toilet bowl tablet for you to consider.

However, depending on your individual cleaning needs, other equally remarkable eco-friendly toilet bowl tablets might be the perfect match for you.

Let’s dive in!

Best Overall For You
Blueland Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Set
  • Made with plant-based formula
  • Effective on Hard Water
  • Eliminates odors immediately
Best Budget Option
KIISIISO Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Long-lasting 300 brushes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Septic-safe
Best Green Option
Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner Strips
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • No plastic bottles
  • Dissolve quickly

Our Top Recommendation 5 Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Tablets and Alternatives

  1. Blueland Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Set
  2. KIISIISO Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets
  3. Weikeshi Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablet
  4. Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner Strips (Alternatives)
  5. Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaners Sheets (Alternatives)

5 Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Tablets and Alternatives You Need to Try

All eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaners included on this list were reviewed and researched thoroughly, taking into account their customer reviews, value for money, ingredients and overall effectiveness.

Here are my top 5 picks for eco-friendly toilet bowl tablets for you to consider :

1. Blueland Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Set

  • First 5 ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Limonene, Cymbopogon Flexuosus, Water
  • Key feature: 100% Bio-based, Save Space & Money, Effective on Hard Water
  • Type of Product: Tablets
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Best for: Tough on stains but gentle on the planet

The Blueland Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Set is a game changer for eco-conscious households.

This innovative, plastic-free toilet bowl cleaner tablet is not only tough on stains but also gentle on our planet.

Blueland has formulated these tablets with plant-based and planet-friendly ingredients, making them an excellent alternative to traditional, chemical-laden cleaners.

One of the standout features of this product is its delightful Lemon Cedar scent that effectively eliminates odours, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

The cleaner is also independently tested and proven to be effective against dirt, rust stains, and limescale.

With tablets that take up 10x less space than traditional bottles, you’ll save both space and money.

Plus, refills start at just $1.29, making it an affordable choice. The product is vegan, gluten-free, soy and nut-free and carries certifications from EPA Safer Choice, Cradle to Cradle, and Leaping Bunny (cruelty-free).

Although the fresh scent doesn’t last as long as some users might prefer, and it may not be as effective on hard water stains, the Blueland Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Set still does an incredible job at cleaning and is easy to use.

By incorporating this cleaner into your routine, you’ll be looking out for the well-being of your family, pets, and the environment!

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2. KIISIISO Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets

  • First 5 ingredients: Product ingredients are natural, mild and safe for septic tanks
  • Key feature: Safe Formulation, Pine Fragrant Smell, Easy To Use
  • Type of Product: Tablets
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Best for: Preventing the adhesion of stains on toilet bowls

Looking for a way to keep your toilet clean and fresh? Try KIISIISO Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets.

These tablets effectively clean the entire circulation system of your toilet, leaving it smelling great without any artificial perfume scents – perfect if you’re sensitive to chemical smells.

Plus, they’re easy to use and come at a great price.

What sets these tablets apart is their eco-friendly materials. They’re pollution-free and incorporate a deodorant component that takes the hassle out of keeping your toilet fresh.

After use, thick lubrication forms on the side wall to prevent stain adhesion – isn’t that convenient?

Please note that they have a shorter lifespan compared to other brands and may not effectively prevent the accumulation of hard water.

But considering their effectiveness and eco-friendly nature, KIISIISO Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets are a smart choice for your bathroom cleaning needs.

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3. Weikeshi Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablet

  • First 5 ingredients: The ingredients are listed on the product page
  • Key feature: Anti-splash Toilet Tablets, Interesting Travel Essentials, Fragrant
  • Type of Product: Tablets
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Best for: Help you be discreet in the toilets and smell-free bathroom experience

Ever wanted a discreet and smell-free bathroom experience, especially when you’re not at home?

Weikeshi Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets are your answer. These unique bath bombs can be carried anywhere, ensuring you never have to face embarrassment in a public or friend’s toilet.

When dropped into the toilet bowl, these tablets form a buffer layer on the water’s surface.

This reduces the impact of falling poop, preventing water splatter – no more messy surprises!

Additionally, the water film wraps around the poop, stopping residues from sticking to the bowl. That means no lingering smells or signs of your bowel movement.

Perfect for travel use, these tablets help you maintain discretion, even in the bathroom.

However, they are a bit pricey, and it’s unclear if they’re septic-system friendly.

But for the convenience and confidence they offer, Weikish Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets are definitely worth considering.

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4. Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner Strips (Alternatives)

  • First 5 ingredients: Naturally derived ingredients from plants and minerals
  • Key feature: No Plastic Bottles, Dissolve Quickly, Biodegradable
  • Type of Product: Strips
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Best for: Provide you with a simple and quick way to clean your toilets

Have you considered using an eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner to reduce your carbon footprint? Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner Strips are a good option.

These toilet cleaners are environmentally friendly because they come in plastic-free packaging, are zero waste, are septic friendly, and are biodegradable.

They can help you contribute to a cleaner environment.

These concentrated strips offer quick and easy cleaning without any splashing or messy cleanups, making them ideal for day-to-day use.

They dissolve quickly, work fast, and keep your toilet bowl clean for longer.

Plus, their handy perforated design makes it simple to rip one off and pop it into the toilet water.

And the best part? They don’t take up much space in your storage cabinet.

While they may not be efficient in removing hard water stains and they don’t produce foam, their environmental benefits and ease of use make Nature Toilet Bowl Cleaner Strips a smart choice for your bathroom cleaning needs.

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5. Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaners Sheets (Alternatives)

  • First 5 ingredients: Made of natural ingredients without any bleach or chorine
  • Key feature: 100% recyclable packaging, Safe Ingredients, Easy To Use
  • Type of Product: Sheets
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Best for: They can be widely used in the toilets of various places

If you’re tired of a grimy toilet and unpleasant odours, the Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaners Sheets might be your new best friend.

These sheets are fast-acting, quickly dissolving to tackle urine stains, limescale, and other persistent marks.

A quick scrub with the brush and voila! Your toilet bowl is left fresh and sparkling.

What’s more, they’re made with natural ingredients, meaning no harsh bleach or chlorine.

This makes them safe not only for your toilet bowl but also for septic systems.

Whether you’re at home, in a dorm, at the office, or enjoying some time in an RV or lake house – these strips are a reliable cleaning option.

They’re easy to use, require no hard scrubbing, and leave a pleasant scent behind.

While they may struggle with rings around the bowl area and don’t dissolve as quickly as you might like.

Their eco-friendly formula and good performance make them a reliable option for keeping your toilet clean and fresh.

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How to Find and Buy the Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Tablets – Buying Guide

Eco-friendly toilet bowl tablets are a great way to maintain your toilet’s cleanliness while reducing your environmental impact.

Here is a guide on how to find and buy the best eco-friendly toilet bowl tablets.

1. Look for Non-Toxic Ingredients

The first thing you should look for in eco-friendly toilet bowl tablets is non-toxic ingredients. These include citric acid, baking soda, and essential oils.

Avoid products that contain chlorine, bleach, or other harsh chemicals that can harm the environment and your health.

2. Check for Certification

Certifications can be a good indicator of a product’s eco-friendliness. Look for tablets that are certified by organizations like Green Seal, EPA’s Safer Choice, or Ecolabel.

These certifications ensure that the product is made with sustainable practices and safe ingredients.

3. Consider the Packaging

Eco-friendly doesn’t stop at the product itself. Consider the packaging of the toilet bowl tablets.

Is it recyclable? Is it made from recycled materials? The lesser the packaging, the better for the environment.

4. Read Reviews

Check out online reviews before making your purchase. Reviews can give you an insight into the efficiency of the product and its true eco-friendly nature.

Be sure to read both positive and negative reviews for a balanced perspective.

Or, to help you more, you can read a product review article to compare and find the best eco-friendly toilet bowl tablet.

Once you’ve found the product that meets your criteria, you can purchase it with confidence that it is truly eco-friendly.

5. Price and Quantity

While eco-friendly products can sometimes be more expensive than their non-eco counterparts, remember that you’re paying for quality and sustainability.

However, don’t forget to consider the quantity. Some products may seem pricier, but if they come in larger quantities or last longer, they may actually be more cost-effective.

6. Efficiency of the Cleaners

Even if a toilet bowl cleaner is eco-friendly, it still needs to effectively clean your toilet. Look for products that promise to remove stains, deodorize, and sanitize.

Some eco-friendly cleaners use plant-based ingredients, enzymes, or other natural elements to effectively clean and freshen your toilet.

How Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets Work

Eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner tablets are designed to be a greener, more sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

They typically use a blend of natural and biodegradable ingredients to clean and deodorize your toilet bowl.

Here’s how they work:

  • Dissolving: Once you drop the tablet into the toilet bowl, it begins to dissolve in the water. The dissolving process releases the cleaning agents contained within the tablet.
  • Cleaning: The released cleaning agents work to break down dirt, grime, and stains in the toilet bowl. They can tackle tough stains and yet are gentle on the environment. These cleaning agents can also help to prevent common toilet bowl issues like calcium, limescale, and mould.
  • Deodorizing: Apart from cleaning, these tablets often contain deodorizing agents that leave your toilet smelling fresh. Unlike traditional cleaners, they do not rely on harsh chemicals for this.
  • Ease of Use: Eco-friendly toilet cleaner tablets are incredibly easy to use. You simply drop a tablet into the toilet bowl, let it dissolve, brush with your toilet brush, and then flush. Some products may deliver a controlled amount of cleaning power with every flush, keeping your toilet clean for extended periods.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Most importantly, these tablets are designed to be eco-friendly. They are usually non-toxic, biodegradable, and come in zero-waste packaging.

It’s important to note that while these tablets are a greener alternative, they might not be as powerful as conventional cleaners filled with chemicals.

Therefore, they might need to be used more frequently or in combination with manual cleaning for the best results.

Pros and Cons of Using Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets

The toilet cleaner in tablet form may offer some advantages, but it also has its drawbacks. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons:


  1. Environmentally Friendly: These tablets are typically made with non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients that are less harmful to the environment compared to traditional cleaners.
  2. Easy to Use: All you need to do is drop a tablet into the toilet and allow it to dissolve and do its job. No need for scrubbing or touching any chemicals.
  3. Cost-Effective: Eco-friendly options can be more affordable than traditional chemical-based cleaners in the long run, especially when considering the cost of potential repairs from damage caused by harsh chemicals.
  4. Gentle on Skin and Respiratory System: Without harsh chemicals, these cleaners are less likely to cause skin irritation or respiratory issues.


  1. Less Powerful: While they’re better for the environment, they might not clean as thoroughly as their chemical counterparts. Stubborn stains might require additional scrubbing or a different cleaning approach.
  2. Frequent Usage: Depending on the product, you might have to use these tablets more frequently than conventional cleaners to maintain a clean and fresh toilet.
  3. Potential Septic System Impact: Some eco-friendly tablets could still potentially have caused some damage to your toilet.
  4. Limited Availability: You might not find as many options for eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner tablets in your local store compared to conventional cleaners. However, many options are available online.
  5. Higher Initial Cost: While they may be more cost-effective in the long run, the initial cost of eco-friendly tablets can be higher than regular cleaners.

What are The Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Bowl Tablets For Your Cleaning Needs?

Choosing the ideal eco-friendly toilet bowl tablets can seem overwhelming with all the intricate terminologies on product labels, but it doesn’t have to be.

From natural ingredients to biodegradable and earth-friendly options, there’s a broad variety of superior choices for your bathroom cleaning requirements.

Consider investigating these leading recommendations and identifying which one best matches your cleaning routine, and you can heed my advice concerning the best eco-friendly toilet bowl tablets.

Our Verdict

I recommend the Blueland Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Set to those who are seeking an eco-friendly, effective, and cost-efficient solution to bathroom cleaning.

This product’s innovative tablet form is not only tough on stains but also kind to our planet, thanks to its plant-based ingredients.

The delightful Lemon Cedar scent adds a fresh touch to your bathroom, while the proven efficacy against dirt, rust stains, and limescale ensures a thorough clean.

Although the scent may not last as long as some users might prefer, and it may struggle with hard water stains, its overall performance, space-saving design, and affordable refills make it a worthy investment.

The various certifications, including EPA Safer Choice, Cradle to Cradle, and Leaping Bunny, further attest to its environmentally conscious and cruelty-free approach.

In conclusion, by choosing the Blueland Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Set, you’re not just opting for a cleaner bathroom but also contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.

If you’re interested in additional advice for living sustainably and having an earth-friendly cleaning routine, take a look at these articles:


Are toilet tablets safe for the environment?

Yes, many toilet tablets are designed to be eco-friendly and contain natural ingredients that are safe for the environment. Always check product labels before purchasing.

Do toilet bowl tablets work?

Yes, most toilet bowl tablets are extremely effective in removing stains, dirt, rust, and limescale from glass, ceramic, porcelain and stainless steel surfaces.

What can I use instead of toilet bowl tablets?

You can use toilet bowl strips or liquid cleaner instead of toilet bowl tablets. However, toilet bowl tablets are often the most effective and efficient way to clean your toilet.

What are the best natural cleaning products for toilets?

The best natural cleaning products for toilets include baking soda, vinegar, borax, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon essential oil. These natural cleaners are non-toxic and effective at removing dirt and grime from bathroom surfaces.

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