17 Easy Strategies for Eco Friendly Office Cleaning in 2024

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Creating a cleaner, greener office space might sound intimidating – it may seem like you’ll need to make big changes and overhaul your cleaning routine.

But that doesn’t have to be the case! There are plenty of small-scale strategies you can implement right now to start making your office eco-friendly without completely reinventing the wheel.

In this article, I will give you 17 simple steps to create an environmentally friendly cleaning strategy in your workspace.

You can implement all these eco friendly office cleaning strategies right away. So let’s begin!

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17 Strategies To Clean Your Office Space

Going green in the office doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are numerous simple strategies that you can take advantage of to make your workspace healthier and more sustainable to works there.

Here’s a list of seventeen easy ways you can start going green with eco-friendly office cleaning today:

1. Use Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products have been formulated without harsh chemicals or toxins, making them safer for the environment and people’s health.

You can choose green cleaners designed to clean and sanitize without leaving any harmful residue behind.

Check product labels for certification from organizations like Green Seal and Ecologo to ensure you use certified green cleaning products.

2. Use Reusable Cleaning Tools

The most eco-friendly way to clean is to use reusable tools such as mops, cloths and sponges instead of disposable paper towels or wipes.

These items can be washed regularly and reused again and again.

By choosing reusable cleaning supplies, you are reducing plastic waste and creating a more efficient and effective way to clean!

3. Minimize Water Usage

If you wish to clean your office in an eco-friendly manner, it is highly recommended that you use less water.

Not only can you preserve a clean water supply, but you also save money on your monthly water bills!

For instance, when you mop your floors or clean other office surfaces, use a bucket of warm water mixed with an eco-friendly cleaning solution rather than running the tap.

This strategy will not only save on precious water but also could reduce energy costs for you.

4. Avoid Chemically-Based Air Fresheners

Strong chemical scents from air fresheners are linked to asthma attacks, breathing difficulties, neurological problems and are bad for the environment due to their harmful chemicals.

Consider using natural air freshening options such as essential oils or baking soda to ensure a pleasant and fragrant office.

These solutions are much healthier than chemical-based sprays or plug-ins while leaving your workspace smelling great!

5. Install Air Purifiers

Installing high-quality air purifiers in your office can significantly reduce allergens in the air, improving indoor air quality for everyone in the building – making it better overall for people’s health too!

Investing in a high-quality air purifier may initially seem pricey; however, its long-term advantage on the environment and your well-being is invaluable.

6. Choose Eco-Friendly Furniture & Fittings

Select furniture with low plastic content or pieces made from natural materials such as wood, bamboo or cotton whenever possible.

This will save your company both money and resources since you won’t have to use chemical solid cleaners for maintenance!

Transform your office by choosing sustainable furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly.

By selecting this type of furniture, you can add a modern and unique touch to any workspace!

7. Donate Unused Supplies & Equipment

Don’t let your unused office supplies or equipment end up in landfills – donate them so that someone else can benefit from them!

By doing this, you will help prevent unnecessary waste from cluttering our planet. No longer-needed items don’t have to be tossed away when they can make a difference elsewhere.

8. Recycle Used Supplies & Equipment

Where donations aren’t possible – look into recycling programs that allow you to recycle used supplies like printer cartridges or computer parts rather than throwing them away – allowing them another life cycle in return!

You can also look into buying recycled or pre-owned items such as furniture or computers to help lessen the impact of manufacturing new products.

9. Avoid Aerosols and Sprays

Trade in your aerosol spray bottles for refillable ones that contain organic ingredients, so you can avoid releasing chemicals into the atmosphere and minimize surface residue.

The aerosol spray contains highly pressurized vapours that pollute the environment, while refillable bottles are more effective, economical and eco-friendly.

10. Invest in Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are excellent at trapping dirt and dust without using harmful chemicals, plus they can be reused over multiple cleanings before being washed!

You can use microfiber cloths to clean furniture, electronics and other surfaces. This will save you time and money while helping preserve the environment.

11. Consider Steam Cleaning

By using hot steam to clean surfaces instead of chemicals, steam cleaning is a great option for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly way to keep their home or workspace spotless.

This tool is great for deep-cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery, and other surfaces needing deeper cleaning without harsh chemicals.

12. Make Your Own Cleaners

Save money and help the environment by crafting your own cleaning solutions with common substances like vinegar and baking soda. It’s simple, economical, and good for the planet!

With the do-it-yourself (DIY) method, you can mix your cleaning solutions to tackle just about any mess without using harsh chemicals.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about packaging or disposal either!

13. Opt for Daylight Cleaning

Schedule cleaning tasks during daylight hours to use natural light instead of turning on artificial lighting.

When cleaning in daylight, you can use natural light to see and clean better – making it easier and faster than working in the dark.

Plus, you will save energy since you won’t have to turn on any lights!

14. Hire an Eco-friendly Cleaning Service

If you don’t have the time or resources to clean your office, consider hiring an eco-friendly cleaning service.

They provide specialized expertise in green cleaning, ensuring that your workspace stays immaculate and aligns with environmentally conscious principles.

These services usually include:

  • Recurring office cleaning service
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting
  • Residential Disinfectant Fogging
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Floor Care
  • Reception and Waiting Room Cleaning
  • Kitchen and Break Room Cleaning
  • Cubicle and Office Cleaning
  • Commercial Disinfectant Fogging

15. Use Energy-efficient Appliances

When purchasing new cleaning equipment, opt for energy-efficient options that consume less power and reduce your carbon footprint.

You could choose items such as vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, steam mops powered by rechargeable batteries, or solar energy – helping you get the cleaning job done with minimal environmental impact. 

16. Plant Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add beauty to your office space and help purify the air by removing pollutants and toxins from the environment.

Start by adding a few potted plants to your office and watch them improve air quality – making breathing easier while reducing workplace stress levels. 

17. Educate Staff at The Office

Ultimately, educating your staff on eco-friendly principles is fundamental to implementing these practices.

Having recurring meetings with employees to discuss sustainable methods of operation at work will guarantee everyone has a clear understanding of their duties and obligations for the workplace to remain green!

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Pros and Cons When Cleaning The Office Neutrally

Conducting office cleaning with an environmentally friendly approach can yield both advantages and disadvantages.

Here, I shared some pros and cons of eco-friendly office cleaning.

  • It promotes a safe and healthy work environment for everyone
  • Helps to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses
  • Can improve air quality by removing dust and allergens
  • Creates a more organized and visually appealing workspace
  • It can boost employee morale and productivity
  • It may require more time and effort to clean thoroughly.
  • Some eco-friendly products may be less powerful to stronger chemicals.
  • Neutral cleaning products may be more expensive than traditional cleaners.
  • Transitioning to eco-friendly cleaning methods may necessitate additional training
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Final Thought

So, in the end, implementing an environmentally friendly cleaning routine for your workspace isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Taking these few small steps to reduce your environmental impact can greatly impact the world around you. Take some time to consider what type of react solutions are best for you and your office space.

Educate your colleagues and peers on ways they can reduce their carbon footprint too.

Together, we must all take action towards protecting our environment and building a more sustainable future.

So go out there and start working towards making that sustainable future by trying out these 17 strategies to clean up your office space!

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What is an eco-friendly cleaning system?

An eco-friendly cleaning system is an approach to cleaning that uses non-toxic, biodegradable, and sustainable products and practices. This system helps reduce the negative environmental impact of cleaning by avoiding harsh chemicals and instead focusing on natural, plant-based cleaners.

How do I keep my office space clean?

Start by developing a cleaning routine that fits into your daily workflow, and ensure all staff members know the practice. Then, use eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce your environmental impact. You can also implement energy-efficient equipment in your office, such as vacuum cleaners powered by rechargeable batteries or solar energy. 

How do I keep my office desk clean and clutter-free?

Start by making sure your desk is organized and clutter-free. Use trays to store small items and drawers to keep more oversized items. Store often-used items within easy reach, and use labels to ensure everything is categorized correctly. 

How do I make my office space greener?

Reducing the amount of paper you use; switch to digital documents, use both sides of the paper when printing and reuse scrap paper. Additionally, you can reduce your energy consumption by using LED bulbs in your office, adjusting the thermostat to a lower temperature and using energy-efficient appliances. Finally, use eco-friendly cleaning products and invest in rechargeable batteries and solar-powered equipment. 

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