How We Review Products

Welcome to Ecosguide, where we specialize in reviewing eco-friendly cleaning products. We recognize the significance of maintaining a sustainable home environment, which is why we take our responsibility to provide reliable recommendations very seriously.

Your commitment to eco-conscious living is commendable, and we understand the importance of choosing cleaning products that align with your values.

Rest assured, we adhere to strict standards when selecting the products featured in our guides. We want you to feel confident in the eco-friendly choices you make for your household, and that’s why we’re dedicated to offering trustworthy insights into the best options available.

What We Do:

Here are all the criteria we consider before featuring an eco-friendly cleaning product on our website.

1. Look for regulatory authorities’ approval

Eco-friendly cleaning products are subject to various regulations to ensure they are safe for use and meet environmental standards.

However, it’s important to note that not all products are approved by all regulatory bodies.

Since different agencies may have varying criteria and coverage areas, we prioritize products that have received approval or certifications from the following institutions for maximum credibility and environmental safety:

2. Diligently analyze user feedback

In the realm of eco-friendly cleaning products, it’s common for brands to showcase only their best products, potentially concealing any shortcomings.

To ensure our reviews remain unbiased and reflective of real experiences, we turn to the collective insights of consumers.

We meticulously examine both positive and negative user reviews across various platforms for all the products we endorse.

Moreover, we frequently engage with these users to gain deeper insights into their experiences, enriching our content with firsthand accounts.

Example: Positive Feedback

Example: Negative Feedback

3. Extensively implement weighted scoring

We employ a systematic approach, utilizing a quantitative scoring system to impartially evaluate and compare eco-friendly cleaning products.

This method involves assigning numerical values to different criteria based on their importance in assessing the overall quality and eco-friendliness of a product.

For example, criteria such as ingredient transparency, effectiveness, eco-friendliness of packaging, certifications, price-performance ratio, biodegradability and scent may be considered. Each criterion is assigned a weight, reflecting its significance in the evaluation process.

This method allows us to objectively assess each product based on predefined criteria, ensuring uniformity and reliability across all our reviews.

4. Emphasize transparency within our reviews

At Ecosguide, transparency is paramount in our review process. We believe in providing our readers with clear and honest insights into how we evaluate eco-friendly cleaning products.

To achieve this, we meticulously outline the sources of information we rely on when assessing products.

This includes specifying where we gather data from, such as manufacturer specifications, YouTube reviews, user feedback from reputable platforms and implement weighted scoring for all the products we review to ensure a comprehensive and consistent evaluation process.

By being transparent about our sources, we aim to instill trust and confidence in our readers, allowing them to understand the basis of our reviews.

5. Prioritizing environmental and human health impact

Our primary focus in selecting eco-friendly cleaning products revolves around evaluating their impact on both the environment and human health.

We meticulously assess each product to ensure it promotes sustainability while also safeguarding the well-being of individuals.

By prioritizing products that are environmentally conscious and pose minimal risks to human health, we strive to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world.

6. Scrutinize the brand’s marketing claims

Numerous brands make bold environmental claims about their cleaning products, often referred to as greenwashing.

So, we thoroughly examine their marketing content, dissecting each claim to offer clarity and ensure you possess a thorough understanding of the products before incorporating them into your daily routine.

7. Check out the delivery options

What’s the use of finding the perfect eco-friendly cleaning product if you can’t get your hands on it, or if you have to wait forever for it to arrive, especially if you’re not in a big city?

That’s why we take a look at things like how long it takes for your order to arrive, how much it costs to ship, where they deliver, and what happens if you change your mind and want to return it.

Companies that make it easier for you get a thumbs-up from us and end up higher on our list!

What We Don’t Do:

Here are the things you’ll NEVER find on Ecosguide.

1. Never publish anything without thorough research

We never post anything without doing our homework first. Every article you see here has been carefully researched because we don’t take recommendations lightly.

So, if it’s on our site, you can bet it’s been through the wringer, and you can count on the advice we give.

2. Prevent biased recommendations

We take reviewing eco-friendly cleaning products seriously. Our aim is to give you honest and trustworthy opinions so you can make informed choices.

No bias here – just reliable recommendations you can count on. We’re committed to ensuring you get the best eco-friendly cleaning products, free from any outside influence.

3. We never accept sponsorship fees

If any brands want to get a prime spot on our website, we kindly decline. While some may offer big bucks for a prominent spot on our pages, we prioritize showcasing the best eco-friendly cleaning products for you, our readers.

Our dedication to honest reviews and our love for the planet always come first, regardless of any sponsorship offers.